Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness means being aware of our thoughts and emotions and being proactive about managing situations that may affect our emotional well-being.

CDW's Coworker Assistance Program

To support our coworkers and their families, CDW has partnered with Modern Health.

What’s Modern Health?

Modern Health is a mental wellness platform that makes it simple for you to access personalized mental health care in the way that works best for you — whether that’s 1:1 sessions with care professionals, group support, or guided meditations & digital courses, all within a single app. Watch this brief video to learn more!

How it works

Register for Modern Health

Answer a few questions about your well-being, and Modern Health will thoughtfully guide you to resources that align with your needs and preferences, in areas like:

  • Stress & anxiety
  • Burnout & career development
  • Relationships & family
  • Healthy habits
  • Financial well-being
  • Work-Life priorities

What’s Included for you:

Coworkers can access a 24/7 counselor supported phone line for urgent support and critical incidents. Counselors in your geographic area can help with:

  • Suicidal ideation
  • Heightened stress
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
Care & Information Contact
24/7 Crisis Phone Line (888) 562-2243
Immediate Counselor Support (geographical) Mobile App > Settings > Crisis Resources

In addition, you and your immediate family have access to:

Individual Coaching Sessions Therapy Sessions Digital Meditations & Courses Attend Community Circles
Yourself 6 Sessions Annually 6 Sessions Annually Unlimited Access Unlimited Opportunities to Attend
Your Immediate Family (Ages 18+) 6 Sessions Annually 6 Sessions Annually Unlimited Access Unlimited Opportunities to Attend
Your Immediate Family (Ages -6 - 17) Unavailable for minors 6 Sessions Annually Unavailable for minors Unavailable for minors

*To extend Modern Health benefits to your dependent or request therapy services for a minor follow the steps outlined here.

**Note: the answers you provide within the application during your initial assessment will route you to either coaching or therapy, or a mixture of both. For example: If your initial assessment recommends and triages you to coaching, only coaching options will surface in the app.

Suppose you are interested in connecting with a Modern Health therapist. In that case, reach out to Modern Health at help@modernhealth.com.

Additionally, through Modern Health you also benefit from work-life services provided by their partner, Empathia, that includes access to education, articles, podcasts, and more.

Work-Life Topic
COVID-19 Resource Center Relationships Substance Abuse Health & Assessments Workplace
Legal Emotional Wellbeing & Resilience Financial & Financial Calculators Educational Training Center Recipes
Senior Housing & Transportation Tutoring & Financial Aid Guidance Adoption Agency Information Travel Services Pet Sitting

*Unlimited financial consultations with a financial advisor or 30-minute legal consultations are available through the additional work-life services by calling 888-562-2243.

Learn more about the additional work-life services within the Explore Benefits feature of Modern Health’s platform. To locate in the app or via web, on the homepage scroll down and select Explore Benefits – Additional benefits available to you through CDW.

The More You Know

  • Browse Modern Health's Knowledge Center for answers to coworker FAQs. You’ll find support for everything from getting started to how to use Modern Health.
  • Explore the Modern Health Circle Series and register for a live community session that’s important to you.
  • Seeking long-term mental health care? Review CDW’s Medical Plan benefits for an overview of coverage options.

Get Started

Download the Modern Health app or visit the Modern Health website today to get started. First time users, login and select the 'Using SSO' option. Register with your CDW login credentials and complete the initial wellbeing assessment.

Join via web Modern Health at https://my.joinmodernhealth.com/.